Grace Fellowship is a Family of Churches: (Saskatoon | Warman | Evergreen | Edmonton)


Grace Fellowship seeks to provide a strong local church connection for its members who live in and around Warman, providing support, encouragement, spiritual care, discipleship, and equipping to become mature devoted followers of Jesus belonging and partaking in a visible expression of the Body of Christ. To that end we go through life together in groups of multiplying Gospel Communities (small groups) that exist to encourage and build one another up, in order that the Gospel continues to spread throughout the community of Warman

Grace Fellowship understands the importance of living together with one another in community, and the gathering of Gospel communities, and so we meet together as a larger gathering at the heart of Warman, in the Legends Center Theater, here we do not just do church, but we endeavor to be the church.

The Legends Center boasts a hockey arena, indoor soccer fields, basketball/volleyball courts, middle school, restaurants, library, and theater. We feel it is important to be embedded in the community to reach those who are searching for something more than what this life can offer, and to be a part of the community in which God has called us to be missionaries.

Grace Fellowship is hosting regular Sunday morning services @ 10:15 am. Join us at the Warman Legends Centre as we discover what it means to know Jesus and make disciples.