Grace Fellowship is a Family of Churches: (Saskatoon | Warman | Evergreen)

Gospel Communities

Each of our Gospel Communities is seeking to be a devoted family of missionary servants passionate about showing and sharing Jesus with others. We view the church as a community and a network of relationships – not a meeting you attend or a place you enter. Our Gospel Communities are all about a shared life in Jesus in a genuine community of people.

Please select a group time that works best for you.


Wednesday evenings

Leaders: Mark and Jerlene Halliday
Contact: Contact:markjerlene@gmail.com or 306.850.9061

Wednesday evenings

Leaders: Brett and Steph Husky;  Don and Donna Elliott
Contact: Contact: Brett at brett@gracesask.com (306.220.1234)  or Don at don@gracesask.com (306.221.9178)

Thursday evenings

Saskatoon Central
Location: Reimer’s – 10th Ave N. in North Park, Saskatoon
Leaders: David & Naomi Smith (306.880.3234)/ Matt & Erika Fyfe (306.250.0199)
Contact: dmsmith505@gmail.com or matt.erika.fyfe@gmail.com

Saturday Mornings (Every second week)

North Collective
Location: Upper Room – 401-43rd St. E.
Leaders: Murray and Cheryl McLellan
Contact Murray for details:  murray@gracesask.com or 306.373.4114

In addition to our larger gathering at the Upper Room, twice a month on a Saturday morning, we have a number of smaller discipleship and ministry groups at various times and places – some weekly – some once a month etc.

Additonal Growth Opportunities

Grace Connect Lunch (first and third Sundays of the month)
Leaders: Nathanael and Carla Burlando

First Sunday of the month is an entire church lunch at the Upper Room (401 – 43rd St. E.) and at times at the food court at Mid-Town Plaza on 1st Ave.

Third Sunday of the month – Connect lunch & gathering following the morning service
Contact for details: call or text 306.831.6701


Wednesday Evenings

Location: Haichert Street, Warman, SK
Leaders: Jared and Chantel Klassen
Contact: jarkla@gmail.com or chantelklassen@gmail.com

Thursday Evenings

Location: Cherry Lane, Warman, SK
Leaders: Mark and Alicia Janzen
Contact: mark@gracesask.com

Friday Evenings

Location: Haichert Street, Warman, SK
Leaders: Clay and Kim Bitner
Contact: clay@gracesask.com or bitner.kim@gmail.com