A Family of Churches: (Saskatoon | Warman | Evergreen)


See the links below for documents related to Grace Fellowship

Doctrinal Emphasis – What we emphasize in our teaching

New Covenant Theology – A short booklet explaining a summary of New Covenant Theology

Constitution – A useful framework for the life of the church and a
concise standard of teaching for its leadership as we serve Christ to the glory of God

Philosophy of Ministry – How we do ministry

The Outworking of our Philosophy of Ministry – How our philosophy of ministry practically works itself out

Our Story and Structure – How Grace Fellowship is structured

Congregational Structure – How we structure each congregation within Grace Fellowship

Partnership Covenant – What it means to partner with Grace Fellowship

Discipleship Plan – How we live out being a disciple of Jesus

Discipleship Plan Appendix – Further reading on the details of the discipleship plan

Leading Communion – How we lead communion on Sundays

Gospel Community Leaders Qualifications and Responsibilities – Interested in becoming a GC leader? Here are the qualifications and responsibilities.

Gospel Community Leaders Pre-Assessment – These are the pre-assessment questions asked for those who desire to be GC leaders.