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Memory Verse: Week of April 2nd

Week of April 2nd

John 1:1

[1] In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1 ESV)

[Context:  Jesus doesn’t just proclaim God’s words to us – He is the Word of God – made flesh.  

The Word is a person – God’s fundamental communication to us.  Later in this chapter in v. 14 it is very clear the Word is Jesus. “Word” or “logos” is the expression of an idea or thought.  Jesus is to God the Father what words or speech are to our thoughts.  My thoughts are invisible but my words reveal my thoughts and the reality of my heart.  Jesus truly is the heart of God made visible – made flesh.   

This opening verse in John’s gospel clearly allude to Genesis 1:1.  Jesus has come to bring about a new creation!

So “in the beginning was the Word.” “Was” speaks of ongoing existence.   John is convinced Jesus is the eternal God.  And then it says – “ and the Word was with God.” “With God” shows he is distinct from God the Father & God the Holy Spirit, and  yet “was God” – both are true.

If you just said the Word was God, you are not saying anything profound.  You are saying the Word is the same being as God.  Just another way to say God.  If you say the Word was with God only, then God had a friend.  That would be like the angels are “with God.” But to say “was God” & yet “with God” (revealing relationship to) that is profound… who are we kidding – that’s mind-blowing!

I love having a God who is bigger than me; who I cannot comprehend.  I do not want a God that I can fully grasp; who is just a little bit bigger than me. I want a God who blows my mind!

“With” is the  Greek word  “pros” meaning “towards” or  “face to face.”  It is a term of intimacy where one is distinct but in the closest most intimate relationship of delight & joy & love.

This is a love relationship and intimacy and joy of which we cannot fully fathom.  Because we don’t understand this, we cannot fully appreciate the cost when the Word became flesh and took on a human body, and then had than same Father turn his back to him on the cross, where Jesus got the rejection you and I deserved. And then Jesus brings us with Him, into the face to face fellowship with His Father! ]

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