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Evidence that Jesus is Risen Indeed!

Here is an article by Michael Horton examining the historical evidence of the resurrection of Jesus.  May this season provide you with opportunities to speak to your non-Christian friends about the heart of our faith – Jesus beat death!  He is risen! He won!  And He is willing to beat it for us who believe.  The truth of Jesus’ resurrection should shock us.  Here is a man who entered into the depths of our sin and its consequences – death – and conquered it for all His people.  Who is this man?  He claimed to be God come in human flesh – condescending to become one of us – to show us His (God’s) love by taking upon Himself the condemnation and death that was upon us.  The combination of the empty tomb and many appearances to witnesses, declare He is who He said He was, and He is able to do what He said He would do – save us from our sins and grant us eternal life.  Jesus – my Lord and my God!

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