One Church: Two Locations (Saskatoon | Warman)


Scotiabank Theatre
347 2nd Ave S,
Saskatoon, SK S7K 1L1


10:15 am

Gospel Communities

Each of our Gospel Communities is seeking to be a devoted family of missionary servants passionate about showing and sharing Jesus with others. We view the church as a community and a network of relationships – not a meeting you attend or a place you enter. Our Gospel Communities are all about a shared life in Jesus in a genuine community of people.

Please select a group time that works best for you.


Wednesday @ 7:00 pm

Hampton Village
Location: Contact as location rotates
Leaders: Jordan and Lara Hill
Contact: or 306.261.6846

Wednesday @ 7:00 pm

Bergheim Road (acreage just north east of Saskatoon)
Leaders: Brett and Steph Husky
Contact: Contact: or 306.220.1234 (Brett) or 306.978.1651 (Steph)

Wednesday @ 7:00 pm

Leadership – Discipleship Apprenticing Group
The Grace Gospel Community Leadership – Discipleship Training Group – is a comprehensive training strategy for developing disciples and leaders at all levels who effectively live and lead others to live out of their Gospel identity in Jesus…. Because disciples are not made by accident!

The training will be divided between times of teaching and times of apprenticing where there is practical application and follow-up. This training aims at equipping you for Gospel ministry, as an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, with a gospel intentionality.

Our hope is that everyone who participates in these sessions will catch the vision for what we desire our Gospel Communities to be all about – whether as a leader or active participant.

Contact Murray for details: or 306.373.4114

Thursday @ 7:00 pm

Location: #29 – 110 Keevil Cres.
Leaders: Kurt and Kendall Manz

Thursday @ 7:00 pm

Evergreen Missional Community
Reaching out to the Evergreen Community

Location: Contact for gathering location
Leaders: Sam & Allison Whitehawk;  Jeff & Jocelyn Froese
Contact:; or 306.321.5231; or 306.240.4332

Addional Growth Opportunities

Marriage Enrichment  (one or more Fridays/month)
Leaders: Cam and Candy McBride
Contact for details: or 306.227.9419

Leadership Cohort   (one Monday/month)  
Leader: Murray McLellan
Contact: or 306.373.4114

More details about the cohort.


Tuesday Evenings

Warman South
Location: Haichert Street, Warman, SK
Leaders: Jared and Chantel Klassen
Contact: or

Wednesday Evenings

Warman North
Location: Cherry Lane, Warman, SK
Leaders: Mark and Alicia Janzen

Thursday Evenings

Location: Acreage just outside of Osler, SK
Leaders: Kiley and Jessica Podhordeski
Contact: or

Friday Evenings

Warman East
Location: 7th Ave North, Warman, SK
Leaders: Scott and Corrie MacDonald
Contact: or